Eligibility requirements

Applying to the Seita Scholars program, which includes the Seita scholarship, is separate from applying to WMU. To be eligible applicants must be between the ages of 17-25 and:

Important dates

  • Before you graduate from high school register for Michigan's Tuition Incentive Program. If you don't register for TIP before you graduate, you will lose out on the TIP opportunity.
  • Before May 15:
    • Complete and submit your WMU application.
    • Complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
    • Complete and submit your Seita Scholars Program and Scholarship Application.
  • Applicants selected to the Seita Scholars program will be notified by letter. Upon receiving your letter of acceptance to the Seita Scholars program:
    • Sign up for WMU Orientation (where you register for classes).
    • Register for Summer Early Transition Week.
    • Plan to attend WMU Fall Welcome Week.

2021-22 Application 

All students accepted to the Seita Scholars program are required to attend Summer Early Transition Week. Dates for summer 2021 are July 12-15. Housing and food will be provided on WMU’s campus (If the event is held in person).

Printable PDF application

Applicant information
Address where you receive mail
Phone number (with area code) where we can best reach you
I was in foster care on or after my 14th birthday, and if I was adopted out of foster care, the adoption occurred on or after my 16th birthday. I have contacted my case worker and will submit supporting documentation. Supporting documentation must verify the age requirement as specified above. Students who receive this award must live on campus in a residence hall or a WMU apartment and fully participate in the Seita Scholars Program. I understand the following information: WMU may contact the state human service agency, or any other relevant agency, to verify my eligibility for the scholarship and suitability for the scholars program; certain personal information is required to process this application. It will be properly safeguarded, and is used only for legitimate purposes and only when absolutely necessary; submission of this application does not guarantee admission to WMU nor acceptance into the Seita Scholars Program; an interview or interviews may be required. By submitting this application, I agree to all of the above. I agree that I will hold Western Michigan University harmless as a result of contact with any such agency. Applicants who are still in high school must also apply for the Tuition Incentive Program before graduating from high school by calling (888) 447-2687. Space in the Seita Scholarship/Seita Scholars Program may be limited.
Emergency contact information
Case worker information

Seita Scholars Program
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