Below are several forms that are relevant to Seita Scholars who are attending Western Michigan University to assist with academic and financial planning.

Graduation plan

Planning ahead is an important step toward graduation. All Seita Scholars are required to have an updated graduation plan on file. Complete or update your graduation plan, and utilize the resources available to you like Degree Works (available on your GoWMU portal), your academic advising office, and your campus coach.

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Permission to exceed 15 credit hours

Scholars who wish to exceed 15 credit hours in the fall or spring semester should first process that strategy with an academic advisor and then complete the form in consultation with their campus coach. Because extra credit hours add cost to the program’s tuition scholarship expenditures, students must complete the permission to exceed 15 credits and be approved by the director of the Seita Scholars Program. Please note that exceptions are possible but not guaranteed. Students must be in good academic standing for permission to exceed 15 credit hours to be considered.Permission to exceed 15 credit hours form

Permission to withdraw

Scholars are required to maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semester. Withdrawing below 12 credit hours can impact students’ graduation dates, eligibility for the Education and Training Voucher and overall financial aid status. In addition, course withdrawal impacts the program’s budget for tuition scholarships and planning for the number of program slots available to other students. Anytime withdrawal from a course is necessary, Seita Scholars should first process this strategy with an academic advisor, and then complete the permission to withdraw form in consultation with their campus coach and receive permission from the Seita Scholars director.

Permission to Withdraw form

Scholarship agreement

Seita Scholars sign an agreement upon acceptance to the program, and a record of this agreement is available for review.

Seita Agreement