Mentors and Service Volunteers

Volunteer career mentor


The Seita Scholars Program has a volunteer career-mentoring service to assist the Seita Scholars in building networks of supportive individuals during their time as Western Michigan University students and as they transition into the workplace. The career mentoring service links Seita Scholars to professionals who agree to volunteer by engaging mentees in a variety of activities such as job shadowing, networking, information sharing, and discussion about career paths and plans.  

The Seita Scholars Program will match scholars with mentors based on career interest when possible.  Otherwise, just having a responsible, caring adult to spend time and learn from will be invaluable to both the scholar and the program.


Career mentors must, at minimum, have a baccalaureate degree or career equivalent and be 25 years or older. Mentors must also be willing to commit to at least the following: 

  • Complete an application and background screening process.
  • Participate in an orientation session.
  • Commit to mentor his/her mentee for one full school year.
  • Spend four hours per month with his or her mentee, at least half of which is spent in person the rest may be spent communicating via email or telephone.


Service volunteer


Volunteers are welcomed to perform a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting students with driving hours to obtain their license.
  • Providing legal or financial services.
  • Medical and dental service donations.
  • Academic tutoring.
  • Hosting workshops about financial literacy, career preparation and more.

Volunteers are encouraged to connect with the program about service donations by completing the application below or utilizing the volunteer contact form.