Mapping With USGS Topo

Michigan Geological Survey Store provides the ready to use USGS Topo for 7.5 minutes quadrangles in Michigan. Experience the hassle-free geologic mapping with retouched topo that comes with all the functional layers needed for a good geologic map. This ready to use USGS Topo map has the following features:

Rectangular surficial geology map

Map made using USGS Topo

  • Contains all the layers that USGS topo map provides such as topographic contours, labels, projection and grids, geographic names, structures, boundaries, transportation, hydrography and references.
  • Georeferenced to Oblique Mercator Projection and you can reproject to your desired projection.
  • Overlay your geological map with the topo map frame to give your map a professional look.
  • Instruction on how to overlay the the topo map frame over your geologic map without compromising the quality.

View the map made by overlaying the retouched USGS topo map over the surficial geologic map.  

Visit the store to purchase ready to use USGS topo map.