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Researcher viewing core samples.

Dr. Harrison viewing core samples

Michigan Geological Survey at Western Michigan University archives the largest collection of geologic maps and documents of Michigan. It provides  digital map and documents through Michigan Geological Survey Store. The extent and availability of maps can be viewed using MGS Geoplatform application. The store provides surficial geologic map for 7.5 minute USGS quadrangles, surficial geologic maps of counties, bedrock geology and topography maps of counties, geologic maps of Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan and other miscellaneous maps.  Hydrogeological Atlas of Michigan and historical documents of the survey can also be purchased through the store.

The Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education archives Michigan subsurface cores, samples, and well records in the state, including more than 500,000 linear feet of core, cuttings from 16,200 wells, wireline logs from 16,000 wells, mudlogs from 4,451 wells and core analyses from 2,100 wells. You'll also find analytical, pressure and production, formation-specific and historical data. Search these databases by county, section, township, range or permit number.

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