Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Michigan Geological Survey (MGS) provides a Web site and other electronic services intended to provide the public, project partners and MGS staff with online access to information about Michigan geology.

The services are provided at no cost and we reserve the right to change these terms of service and/or the nature or functionality of the services at any time. Throughout this document the term MGS refers to the Michigan Geological Survey, whose main office is located at Western Michigan University. The term University refers to the Board of Trustees of the Western Michigan University.

External Content

The MGS and the University do not assume responsibility for, nor can we be held accountable for, the content of non-University sites to which we link. This extends to your use of or losses incurred by your use of those links or the information they contain.

Warranties and Liability

If you use MGS electronic services, you agree to the terms of this Terms of Use document and the University's Web Privacy Notice.

Copyright and Licensing

MGS electronic services and most information contained therein are copyrighted with all rights reserved. Copyright may be held by the Board of Trustees of the Western Michigan University , a different individual or entity, or the item may be in the public domain. It is your responsibility to determine the copyright holder for any particular item and to determine what permissions may be needed to reproduce it. Individuals or entities may make fair use of copyrighted MGS material, such as reproducing a single figure or table, or using a brief text quotation, without obtaining formal permission, but in all cases the Michigan Geological Survey must be credited as the source of the material. To reproduce MGS information beyond the fair use standard, permission must be obtained from the MGS Office, 5272 W Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan  269 387 8649, john.a.yellich@wmich.edu. License fees and a license agreement may be required, depending on the proposed usage.

Applicable Laws and Policies

You agree to use our services in compliance with any applicable local, state, national or international law, including, but not limited to, any regulations having the force of law. This applies whether your use is intentional or unintentional. The use of our services is subject to all the policies and regulations of the University.


Authorized Users

The MGS Web site is intended for use by anyone who wishes to access information provided by the MGS about the geology of Michigan. Some electronic services provided by the MGS are available to the public and some are restricted to authorized users. Minors under the age of 18 require parental consent before providing us with any information. Minors under the age of 13 may not provide us with any information in any way.

Online Shopping

Our online shopping transactions are commercially secure and utilize a centralized process. All personally identifiable information gathered on the MGS Store site remains private. It will not be sold or shared with any non-University organization without your express permission. MGS Store transaction information is stored in a secure database and is protected from loss, misuse, or alteration.

Your Privacy

Information about users of our services, and the content of material communicated with or stored within the services is governed by the Western Michigan's Web Privacy Notice and this Terms of Use document.

Some of our services provide communication and collaboration forums, the ability to upload information to our servers, and similar functions. Any information that is disclosed in these areas may become public information and a user should therefore exercise caution when deciding to disclose one's personal information in such places.

The MGS may log and replicate any or all user-provided content. By posting any content to our services (other than online shopping) you grant the MGS permission to display said content in any way we see fit. You hereby agree and provide your express consent that the University may access your account for administrative and other purposes such as compliance with university policies and other rules governing this service, including the investigation of security incidents. This right extends to any information stored within the account.

You may be required to identify yourself and may not impersonate others.

Appropriate Use

The MGS and University reserve the right to remove inappropriate items as we see fit. We hold the right, but have no commitment, to remove content containing material that we feel is unlawful, offensive, threatening, slanderous, obscene or otherwise objectionable or that violates any party's intellectual property or these terms of use.

The following are forbidden: sharing your account with others, use of accounts for the creation or delivery of unsolicited commercial e-mail (a.k.a. SPAM), use of accounts to store or transmit copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner, violation of the intellectual property rights of others, use of services to support cheating, use of services for commercial or profit making purposes, use of services to campaign for political office or on behalf of political candidates, and any other actions we deem inappropriate.

Our electronic services may only be used as defined in these terms of use; attempts to hack or otherwise compromise our systems will be grounds for account termination and will be reported to law enforcement.

Users are encouraged to report violations of these rules or inappropriate behavior to the MGS by phone at 269 387 8649 or by e-mail at john.a.yellich@wmich.edu.

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