Michigan Geological Survey at Western Michigan University houses the biggest collection of geologic maps available for the State of Michigan at the MGS Store. The extent, coverage and type of the maps available can be viewed using the MGS Geoplatform application. Most of the surficial geologic maps are available for the southern part of the lower peninsula while county scale bedrock geologic and bedrock topographic maps are available for northern part of lower peninsula. There are limited mappings done in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Most of the surficial geological mapping in Michigan have been done through STATEMAP funding. The STATEMAP information sheet  shows the status of mapping and funding for Michigan Geological Survey.

Mapping services of the survey are:

Technical reports for the quads mapped by the survey are:

Geologic maps and documents of Michigan are available through the following resources:

USGS topo map for quadrangles in Michigan now available!

Miscellaneous maps and documents of Michigan

Bedrock geology of Michigan

Coal mine maps

Michigan Basin cross-section

Oil and gas wells in Michigan

Quaternary geology of Michigan

Stratigraphic nomenclature for Michigan