Resource Centers

Michigan Geological Survey has nine resource centers which are its building blocks. These units help to strengthen the survey's responsibilities while remaining under the Western Michigan University administration and the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences. As noted in the organizational chart below, the distribution of tasks across multiple units within the survey ensures we are committed to serving researchers, students, the community and organizations.

Resource centers

Economic materials

  • Dr. Joyashish Thakurta
  • Mineral mapping and assessments, geologic  studies, surface and airborne geophysics, student theses


  • Dr. Dave Barnes
  • Carbon sequestration, alternative use of resources and technologies, student theses

Geologic hazards

GIS data management and Michigan Geological Survey Store

  • Sita Karki
  • Data output, Information Resource Center, document purchase

Groundwater resources and environmental quality

  • Dr. Duane Hampton
  • Groundwater assessments, modeling water quality, data resources, student theses

Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education subsurface geology

  • Dr. William Harrison
  • Repository for core samples and drill cuttings, geologic electric logs, water and energy resources, continuing education, student theses

Outreach service

Remote sensing

Surface mapping

  • Dr. Alan Kehew
  • Geologic mapping, groundwater resource assessments, surface and airborne geophysics, student theses