Photo of Mike Tarn
Associate Dean for International Programs in Asia
(269) 387-5132
Photo of Devrim Yaman
Associate Dean of Western Michigan Institute
(269) 387-5068
Photo of Onur Arugaslan
Professor of Finance
(269) 387-6159
Photo of Jim DeMello
Professor of Finance
(269) 387-5722
Photo of Mingming Feng
Associate Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-6101
Photo of David Flanagan
Professor of Management
(269) 387-6051
Photo of Bernard Han
Professor of Computer Information Systems
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Photo of Norman Hawker
Professor of Finance
(269) 387-6118
Photo of Wenling Lu
Associate Professor of Finance
(269) 387-5403
Faculty Specialist II
(269) 387-5297
Photo of Derrick McIver
Associate Professor of Management
(269) 387-5419
Photo of Alhassan Mumuni
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5269
Photo of Mary Nielsen
Faculty Specialist II
(269) 387-6191
Photo of Timothy Palmer
Professor of Management
(269) 387-5242
Photo of James Penner
Chair and Associate Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5209
Photo of Muhammad Razi
Chair of the Department of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5524
Photo of Jagjit Saini
Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5472
Photo of Robert Samples
Executive-In-Residence, Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing
(269) 387-6122
Photo of Christina Stamper
Professor of Management
(269) 387-6139
Photo of Ann Veeck
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6140
Photo of Abby Wang
Associate Professor of Management
(269) 387-4457
Photo of Marcel Zondag
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5998