Graduate Certificate

Western Michigan University's integrative holistic health and wellness program offers a certificate that can be pursued as an independent graduate certificate or as a supplement to other graduate training. The certificate complements and supports the coursework of related fields, enabling students to work within their chosen profession from a holistic perspective that may enhance career opportunities.

Students in the helping professions such as social work, counseling, psychology, theology, occupational therapy, health studies, nursing, education and the arts will especially benefit from this program.

Students who earn the graduate certificate will understand the philosophy of holism and the connection between their personal journey and their expression of this in the world of relationships and work.

For complete information and details about the graduate certificate program, refer to the student handbook.

Please be aware that financial aid for the integrative holistic health and wellness graduate certificate is only available if you are pursuing another graduate degree at Western Michigan University. Please contact the Financial Aid department at (269) 387-6000 for more information.