Dr. Lori Gray is currently involved in a variety of scholarly activities.  A mindfulness intervention research project resulted in a publication in the Journal of Innovation in Higher Education, titled “The Effectiveness of a Mindfulness Meditation Module for Students Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care” (Gray, L.,Font, S., Unrau, Y., & Dawson, A.). She presented this research in a virtual poster session at the 3rd International Conference on Mindfulness hosted by the University of Amsterdam; she also presented the full paper at the 4th International Conference on Mindfulness at Aarhus University, Denmark. 

Dr. Gray is also a stroke survivor.  She now largely pursues research related to mindfulness-based stroke recovery.  Her publication titled, “Living the full catastrophe: a mindfulness-based program to support recovery from stroke” was accepted to be presented for the 11th International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society, at the University of Sorbonne, Paris, France.

One of her current research projects evolved from her personal stroke recovery journey into the nation’s first-of-its-kind mindfulness-based training for stroke survivors. In 2022, Dr. Gray was awarded a FRACCA grant to support this pilot project in collaboration with St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri to deliver her model to stroke patients.  In 2023 she received a grant award to continue her work within the St. Luke’s hospital system.