Undergraduate Minor

Western Michigan University's undergraduate integrative holistic health and wellness minor curriculum considers the principle of "holism" within health care and across other disciplines and fields; it is structured to meet the needs of undergraduate students who are:

  • Majoring in a health care field and desire specialized study in the areas of holistic health.
  • Majoring in a non-health care field and are interested in considering the application of holistic theories to their field of study.
  • Majoring in any area and would like to know how to apply holistic principles to their own life.

Through a required sequence of courses, students explore the philosophy of holism; the connection between personal values & behaviors and overall well-being; and the impact of life choices on their health, their professional work, and the larger communities in which they live - including the global community and the environment.

For advising or to declare a minor in holistic health, call (269) 387-2656.