Undergraduate Minor

Western Michigan University's undergraduate holistic health and contemplative well-being minor is an 18-credit hour minor available to all majors.  

What is holistic health? 
  • Holistic health considers the whole person (mind, body, spirit) ​
  • Holistic health recognizes the interconnectedness among aspects of health and the impact on individual and global health​
What is the holistic minor all about? 
  • Focuses on the professional and personal application of holistic principles and well-being skills
    - Key concepts include: resilience (bouncing back), well-being, compassion, empathy, mindfulness and managing stress
  • Focuses on the evidence related to strategies to improve well-being​
  • Offers a variety of courses to fit students’ needs and interests
  • 18 Credit Hours
Why should I take the holistic minor? 
  • The HOL minor brings value to students of all majors
  • You will learn lifelong skills that can be applied daily, such as: 
    - Well-being skills such as gratitude, empathy, positive outlook
    - Stress reduction skills such as mindfulness, breathing techniques, reflective writing, and yoga
  • The HOL minor is especially compatible with topics in healthcare:
    - You will have an edge when applying for jobs in healthcare fields
    - You will learn additional skills:
  • How to help others and manage the pressures of the health care fields  
  • How to articulate health from a holistic perspective 

Through a required sequence of courses, you will explore holistic concepts related to your individual health, including the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. Classes in the minor often integrate experiential learning into instructional methods. Concurrent with the study of how integrative holistic health and wellness practices impact the individual, the focus is on how expression of these principles in our lives affect the broader community. 

For advising or to declare aminor in holistic health, contact a CHHS advisor.