Academic Advising

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Current students

If you have taken classes at WMU within the past year, and have a Student Success Hub account, click on the button below to login and schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.


Prospective, newly admitted, or returning students

If you have not yet been admitted to WMU, if you are a newly admitted student who has not registered for classes, or if you are a former WMU student who can't access your Student Success Hub account, call the CHHS Advising Office at (269) 387-2656 to schedule an appointment.

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Connect with us

  • Online Set up an advising appointment via the WMU Student Success Hub.

  • Phone Call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to set up an appointment.

Hours and Location

  • Advisors are available by appointment, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

  • Virtual appointments are available on WebEx, Teams, Zoom or by phone.

  • The advising office is located in the CHHS Student Engagement Center (enter through the CHHS atrium).

  • Our phone number is (269) 387-2656.

Find your advisor

  • Jill Hamilton, CHHS advisor

    Jill Hamilton

  • Audiology • Health informatics and information management • Public health • Social work (and pre-social work) • Speech-language pathology

  • CHHS advisor Melinda Lockett

    Melinda Lockett

  • Clinical practice in health • Pre-blindness and low vision • Pre-nursing

  • CHHS advisor Mandy Cox

    Mandy Cox

  • Health Administration • Healthcare services and sciences • Occupational therapy assistant • Pre-occupational therapy • Pre-physician assistant • Pre-physical therapy

Declare your major or minor

Declare your major

There are a number of resources and forms on the University's change your major page.

Declare or change your major

Declare your minor

There are a number of minors offered in the College of Health and Human Services. To declare your minor, email and include the following:

  • Name
  • WIN number
  • WMU email address
  • Which minor you would like to declare

Note: For a minor in speech and hearing processes or American Sign Language, call (269) 387-2656 to schedule an appointment with Jill Hamilton.

Advising resources

These tools can help you understand your role as a student, the role of your academic advisor, important dates and events happening throughout the school year and things you should be doing each year. The overall goal is to help you find financial, academic, career, engagement and holistic health.

Financial Resources: WMU Financial Aid  |  CHHS Scholarships  |  External Loans

  • Academic Advising Syllabus

    Mission Statement:

    Academic advising is a key component of a student-centered research university and a shared responsibility among the student, advisor, faculty, and university community. Academic advising fosters meaningful partnerships that promote personal growth, academic excellence, critical thinking, social responsibility, creativity, cultural appreciation, and career development. Academic advising facilitates self-directed lifelong learning.

    Advisor Responsibilities:

    Academic advisors have the responsibility to uphold the integrity and value of your degree by maintaining the standards and policies of the university. Your academic advisors will:

    • Assist you in making academic decisions consistent with your interests, abilities and goals.
    • Communicate university, college, major and minor requirements, policies, and processes.
    • Listen carefully and respect questions, concerns, and problems.
    • Assist with course scheduling, transfer and study abroad credit evaluations, and the graduation auditing process.
    • Help you discover educational and co-curricular opportunities which complement your goals.
    • Find ways to continuously improve the advising process.
    • Present alternatives if roadblocks are encountered.
    • Maintain student record confidentiality according to WMU and the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines.

    Student Responsibilities:

    Students are responsible for knowing their degree requirements, relevant policies, and deadlines for consulting with their advisors. As a student, you should:

    • Meet with an advisor at least once per semester.
    • Read your WMU email daily
    • Take responsibility for making your academic and career decisions based on available information and advice, including your graduation plan.
    • Act professionally and treat others with respect.
    • Seek advice from advisors and faculty; be open to their suggestions.
    • Be involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and education plan during meetings; bring questions and necessary materials.
    • Have a working knowledge of university policies, procedures, and campus resources.
    • Familiarize yourself with FERPA and how this privacy act governs our interaction with you, your family, and others.