The College of Health and Human Services at Western Michigan University offers academic programs that can truly prepare you for a meaningful career that is high in demand, high in purpose, high in satisfaction and unsurpassed in impact.

We have grouped our offerings into three career pathways to help you find the academic program that makes the most sense for you.

So whether you want to work in a hands-on clinical setting, or are more interested in the business side of healthcare, or want to focus on research or population health, CHHS has a degree program that can prepare you for that.


  • Community and Public Health Sciences

  • Work alongside individuals, families, organizations and communities to help them lead happy, healthy lives.

  • Healthcare Sciences

  • Be an administrator or a clinical health professional to transform and deliver high quality patient care.

  • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Help people develop new skills so they can participate in everyday tasks, enhancing the quality of their lives.

Academic Programs

Departments and Schools

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  • Continuing Education The College of Health and Human Services offers continuing education programs relevant to health care and human services professionals working in a number of different fields.

  • Study Abroad Studying abroad at CHHS can raise your geographical and cultural awareness and increase your employability by providing experiences that allow you to function more effectively in our global economy.