Career Pathways at CHHS


The programs at the College of Health and Human Services offer you pathways to a career that is high in demand, high in purpose, high in satisfaction and unsurpassed in impact.

Those careers fall into three broad groups:

With bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in these strong and growing disciplines, plus our cross-college, interdisciplinary programs, we can help you find your pathway and take the next step toward the meaningful career you want.

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  • Community and Public Health Sciences

  • Work alongside individuals, families, organizations and communities to help them lead happy, healthy lives.

  • Healthcare Sciences

  • Be an administrator or a clinical health professional to transform and deliver high quality patient care.

  • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Help people develop new skills so they can participate in daily tasks, enhancing the quality of their lives.

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Community and Public Health Sciences

You're interested in healthcare, but you're not sure about being a hands-on clinician, like a nurse or physical therapist. Maybe a counseling environment, like that of an addiction counselor or social worker is more appealing to you. Or maybe focusing on research and education in public health is something you'd consider. Holistic health practices and principles stretch into almost every aspect of healthcare today.

The Community and Public Health Sciences pathway can prepare you for careers in many growing fields.

Healthcare Sciences

These are health care professionals that you probably already interact with on a somewhat regular basis. Every time you go to your medical provider's office, a nurse is the first caregiver you see and a physician assistant may be your actual provider. Those offices are managed by administrators, and day-to-day operations and support come from individuals who were trained in programs like our healthcare services and sciences program.

Next time you're in your medical provider's waiting room, look around. You will see our Healthcare Sciences pathway leads.

Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Sciences

These are hands-on, clinical careers. But instead of a "medical" focus, if you're working in these fields, you'll be helping individuals overcome challenges and practice activities of daily living to become more independent. You could help people who are blind navigate the world around us, or help people with speech differences communicate more effectively. You could help people with small daily activities like getting dressed in the morning, or bigger activities like re-learning how to walk after an accident.

These are things we may take for granted, and they're things that people in our Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Sciences pathway work on all the time.

Cross-college, Interdisciplinary Programs