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College gathering volunteers for Day of Caring

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to save the date for a college-wide volunteer opportunity at AACORN Farm on March 30. Volunteers will work on projects, inside and out, to improve the property and prepare for the summer season.

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College plans retention activities to increase enrollment

During the 2017 State of the College event, Dean Earlie Washington discussed plans aimed at improving the college's retention of second year students. Activities are already underway to further engage our students and help them succeed in their education.


Art installation brings attention to hidden pain

Artist Cathy Germay was born with a rare, incurable, genetic disorder called Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), which causes abnormal blood vessel formation in the skin and organs. Her work is autobiographical and explores her experiences living with her disorder, dealing with surgeries and living with chronic pain.