Clinical Education

The College of Health and Human Services offers unmatched clinical educational opportunities for our students. Our students are placed in many locations in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan, throughout the region and across the country. We are right next door to WMU's Unified Clinics and Center for Disability Services, which offer exceptional clinical opportunities for our students and unique, affordable clinical services for those who need it most in our community.


Because each academic program handles clinical education differently, the best way to get more information is to speak with someone in that program. Look for contact information on our program sites.

WMU CHHS Affiliation Agreement

The affiliation agreement defines the relationship between the College of Health and Human Services and the clinical service providers that host our students in their field placements. It defines the responsibilities for both entities to help make the relationship positive for both parties and our students.

Affiliation Agreement Template    WMU Implementation Letter

Vaccines and clinical placements

The WMU College of Health and Human Services is engaged in partnerships with many organizations in Southwest Michigan and throughout the United States to provide clinical practice education opportunities for our students. Many of these health and social service organizations require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Those mandates include students and faculty working at their sites. Some facilities may have an approved waiver or exemption process in place.

CHHS students must meet all work requirements and waiver processes established by internship sites. In addition to vaccines, such requirements often include health and drug screenings, OSHA and HIPAA training, and background checks. ​In some instances, alternate practice sites may not be available. Failure to meet practice site requirements may delay your progress toward graduation and could deter successful graduation altogether.