Interprofessional Education

Just as interprofessional teams are now the norm in health care, interprofessional education is becoming the norm in health care and human services education. The College of Health and Human Services at WMU is pleased to be on the leading edge of this movement.

Download the CHHS Interprofessional Curriculum Schematic

With varied disciplines housed in the college, there is ample opportunity for students to collaborate in classrooms, labs and simulations. That was part of the vision that brought these departments and schools together under one roof in 2005. There are a number of interprofessional projects ongoing in the college. Those include:

  •  Interprofessional Peer Education and Evidence for Recovery - I-PEER

  • Michigan Youth Prevention and Recovery from Opioid Use Disorders - MY-PROUD


  1. Values/ethics for Interprofessional Practice

  2. Roles/Responsibilities

  3. Interprofessional Communication

  4. Teams and Teamwork