Photo of Ron Cisler
(269) 387-2638
Photo of Alicia Kreps
Executive Assistant
(269) 387-2638
Photo of Sheena Bolton
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-2656
Photo of Lisa Brennan
Director of Recruitment and Outreach
(616) 771-9497
Photo of Wan Chen
Interim Business Manager
(269) 387-8616
Photo of Mandy Cox
Career Development Specialist
(269) 387-2656
Photo of Nancy Cretsinger
Director of Academic and Student Services
(269) 387-3680
Photo of Jill Hamilton
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-2656
Photo of Eriz Hughey
Administrative Assistant II
Photo of Joel Krauss
Marketing Manager
(269) 387-2654
Photo of Melinda Lockett
Associate Director of Academic Advising
(269) 387-2656
Photo of Andrea Miller
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-8468
Photo of Judy Moguel
Administrative Assistant I
(269) 387-8395
Photo of Nick Postelli
Marketing and Recruitment Analyst
Photo of John Stanford
Director of Information Technology
(269) 387-5320
Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Success
(269) 387-8418
Photo of Nathan Wollensak
Network Administrator
(269) 387-8051