The College of Health and Human Services has been awarded funding for research from the National Institutes of Health each year for the past decade. Not many colleges and schools of allied health can make such a claim. This funding has a direct, positive impact on the health and welfare of people who live in Michigan and beyond.

When you are a student here, you will work with faculty members on research and scholarly activities. You will make a significant contribution to health and human services disciplines.

We are proud of our research and service accomplishments, and we actively seek ways to recognize service and expand the research capabilities and scholarly productivity of college faculty.

Research by Unit

CHHS in 2020-21

  • Submitted 50 grant applications by 17 researchers

  • Awarded $6.4 million through fourth quarter of 2021

  • Published 85 journal articles, 2 books, and 11 book chapters

  • Presented 58 presentations and 22 posters

Research Updates

  • In the fall of 2022, the College established the Office of Research. Under the leadership of Dr. Bridget E. Weller, the office strives to enhance opportunities for human services research, which includes providing learning opportunities, fostering university and community-based collaborations, and streamlining research processes.
  • Students and faculty members, if you need support with statistics, please click to register for StatsAssist.
  • Faculty members, please visit the CHHS – Research Resources on eLearning for updates from the Office of Research, including upcoming funding announcements and training opportunities.