Dr. Kieran J. Fogarty is director of the Ph.D. program in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D. Program and professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy. Fogarty's area of expertise is in interdisciplinary approaches to developing new applied research methods based on the concepts that reflect the fundamental changes that are occurring in our health care delivery systems in the United States. Fogarty is currently participating in numerous collaborations with various agencies to develop data-driven information systems to track outcomes associated with the delivery of evidence-based practices in applied settings.

Dr. Linda Shuster is professor in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D. Program and the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.  She studies brain mechanisms underlying speech production and perception, as well as acquired neurogenic communication disorders, such as apraxia of speech. Methodologies she employs include functional neuroimaging, acoustic analysis, and perceptual analysis.  Her ultimate goal is to identify ways to help people recover their communication skills to the greatest extent possible after a brain injury and ways to maintain their communication skills as long as possible in the presence of neurodegenerative disease.

Dr. Rob Lyerla is a professor in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D. Program and the Physician Assistant program.  His area of expertise includes public health surveillance, geospatial analysis of health outcomes, and evaluation of public health programs. He is currently working on new methods for collecting survey data, applying epidemiological methods for identifying community level risk factors for at-risk communities, and studies health in veterans, homeless, and correctional populations.

Doctoral Student Research - We are very proud of our students' dissertation research. You can access those dissertations on the WMU ScholarWorks page.