Admission requirements

Western Michigan University's interdisciplinary health sciences Ph.D. program requires that applicants hold a master's degree and have two years of professional experience in a health and human service related area. Appropriate domains include, but are not limited to:

blindness and low vision studies
health care administration
holistic health
human service administration

occupational therapy
physical therapy
physician assistant
public health
rehabilitation counseling
respiratory therapy

social work
speech-language pathology
substance abuse


(Must be met prior to beginning the program)

  1. Minimum of two years of professional experience in health and human services.
  2. Master’s degree in a related field with a minimum graduate grade point average of 3.25.
  3. Completion of at least one graduate level course in statistics, with a minimum of a grade B, within the last 10 years. You may take the statistics course after admission, but you must take it before you begin doctoral program courses.
  4. The GRE is not required (updated May 2021).

Application process