Thank you for your interest in applying to this program.

The first step in applying is contacting Sarah Anderson, the admissions manager for this program. She will help guide you through the process.

WMU uses an online graduate application system that allows all applicants to submit all required information into one system - this includes general information for the University, and specific required information for this program.

Applicants are asked to include some program-specific information and to follow the order shown in the CV template. Please review the summary of the Ph.D. program requirements. Applicants are encouraged to bookmark this information for quick reference while working through the graduate application process.

Application Schedule

  • Applications are due by Jan. 15 for a summer II start date (even years only)
Application Deadline Jan. 15, 2022 Jan. 15, 2024 Jan. 15, 2026
Cohort Starts Summer II 2022 Summer II 2024 Summer II 2026

Selection Process

  1. Applicants will be reviewed and scored based on their application form, CV, personal statement, letters of recommendation, GPA, and transcripts. Note: The GRE is not required (updated May 2021).
  2. Selected applicants will be invited to a half-day interview session.
    a.   Applicants interview with at least two faculty members who will evaluate communication skills, career goals, research interests and educational readiness for doctoral study.
    b.   Applicants interview with the program director.
    c.   Applicants will write the discussion section of a research article provided that day to evaluate critical thinking and scientific writing skills.
  3. Candidates for admission to the program will be selected from the interview pool and notified in March. No more than three students from any one specialty will be admitted to the same cohort. This is designed to ensure the interdisciplinary nature of the program.