Is my clinic open?

Some clinics may be affected by Covid – 19 Coronavirus. Please check our website to see a list of temporary clinic closures.

Aaron Shafer Artwork

Patient Spotlight - Seeing through a whole new light

Aaron Shafer, patient at the WMU Low Vision Clinic, has been visiting regularly for the past 10 years. In November 2007, Aaron was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a condition that causes blindness in the central field of vision. Since his diagnosis, Aaron's visual acuity has reduced to roughly 20/200 and he is considered to be legally blind. But that hasn’t stopped him from achieving his goals and tapping in to his creative side.

hearing aid

New resources avalable for parents of children with hearing loss

New resources are available for parents of infants and children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Parents can participate in a six-week eHealth program and online questionnaires as well as receive scholarships for the 19th Annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting that will take place in Kansas City in March.