Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Enrichment Clinic

  • Student clinician playing cars with infant
  • Student clinician working on hand movement with an elderly female
  • Children's group therapy session with two student clinicians
  • Child with therapy dog
  • Child with student clinician working on eating skills

The Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Clinic is a service component of the Western Michigan University Department of Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy uses purposeful activities to promote the greatest possible functioning for adults and children who wish to improve their quality of life. The Occupational Therapy Clinic is a student-led enrichment service supervised by Board-Certified Occupational Therapists. For a minimal fee, the clinic offers individual and group therapy for children and adults who have a condition or disability that interfere with their ability to carry out daily activities. The clinicians goal is to customize treatment programs to improve the clients’ ability to perform daily activities. Services listed below are offered on a semester basis reflecting the WMU academic calendar. Please inquire to see which services are running each semester.  


  • Adult Clinic
    Provides outpatient services for the adult population with deficits in function.  

  • Work-to-Work
    Support for young adults who wish to improve independent living skills. 

  • Finicky Feeders
    Therapy to improve mealtime and help children with food selectivity add foods to their dietary repertoire. 

  • Pediatric Clinic
    Provides outpatient services for the pediatric population with deficits in function.

  • OT for Low Vision
    Services for individuals with low vision to improve daily living skills. 

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