Speech-Language-Hearing Processes (Minor)

This minor may be of particular interest to students majoring in a variety of areas, including: biology, chemistry, communication arts and sciences, engineering, linguistics, music therapy, vocal music, occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, social work, etc. 

In the minor, you'll study human communication science and disorders, particularly the anatomic, physiologic, neurologic, psycho-social and physical bases of speech, language and hearing. These topics greatly enhance pre-professional degrees like pre-dentistry and pre-medicine.

Work with an advisor to choose from the courses below to create your own speech-language-hearing processes minor. You can shape your minor to emphasize speech-language-hearing science, communication disorders or some other area that complements your educational and career goals.


Because departmental offerings are sequential and offered once per year, advising is very important if you are interested in pursuing this minor. 

Please contact Jill Hamilton, undergraduate advisor for speech, language and hearing sciences.

Courses available in the minor

  • SLHS 2030 - Language Acquisition Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 2040 - Phonetics Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 2041 - Phonetics Laboratory Credits: 1 hour
  • SLHS 2050 - Speech Anatomy and Physiology Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 2051 - Speech Anatomy and Physiology Lab Credits: 1 hour
  • SLHS 2060 - Hearing Science Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 2070 - Clinical Laboratory Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 2080 - Introduction to Audiology Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 4560 - Rehabilitative Audiology Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 4590 - Neuroscience for Communication Sciences and Disorders Credits: 3 hours
  • SLHS 5010 - Principles of Speech Science Credits: 3 hours

Review the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.