Public Health Minor

With the onslaught of the worst pandemic in the last 100 years, the field of public health has captured widespread interest. WMU offers a large number of bachelor's degrees that touch on various aspects of public health.

The 18-credit hour public health minor allows you to add focused public health skills and concepts to your undergraduate degree. You can learn and practice the interdisciplinary skills needed to succeed in areas associated with public health.

Career growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts tremendous growth in careers that can be associated with public health over the next ten years. If your major is in one of these areas, a public health minor might complement your bachelor's degree.

  • 9% Nursing

  • 8% Environmental science

  • 11% Diatetics and nutrition

  • 12% Social work

In addition, this minor may be of particular value to graduates who plan to pursue careers in nursing, social work, psychology, sociology, or other health related majors.


For more information about this minor or to see how it can work with your existing major, contact Jill Hamilton in the CHHS Office of Advising at (269) 387-2656.

Courses and Declare

Required courses

  • PH 2310 - Public Health Needs and Issues (3 credits)
  • PH 2320 - Global and Environmental Health Issues (3 credits)
  • PH 2340 - Introduction to Biostatistics in PH (3 credits)
  • PH 3310 - Planning Public Health Programs (3 credits)
  • PH 3320 - Applying Behavior Foundations in Public Health (3 credits)
  • PH 3340 - Epidemiology (3 credits)

Declare your minor

To declare your minor, email and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • WIN number
  • WMU email address
  • Indicate that you would like to declare the public health minor