The Michael Goodwin Scholarship provides support to over 90 honors students

Exterior photo of the Lee Honors College taken in winter.
Posted by Bethany Gauthier on

Mr. Michael Goodwin, a 1987 graduate of Western Michigan University, is a proud Bronco who has fond memories from his time on campus and has donated generously to help students succeed at WMU and beyond. Thanks to Mr. Goodwin’s support, the Lee Honors College established The Michael Goodwin Scholarship in January 2021 and since its inception, over 90 honors students have received support towards tuition and school fees.

Mr. Goodwin’s gift to the Lee Honors College has been utilized in two ways: To provide emergency funding for current honors students (30%) and to provide assistance with tuition to both new and returning students (70%).

Lee Honors College students have benefitted tremendously from Mr. Goodwin’s support. As one scholarship recipient shared, “The scholarship was instrumental in making the transition to college as smooth and streamlined as possible. Being selected as a recipient of this scholarship has shown me that WMU has donors that care about a student’s success. I would like to thank Mr. Goodwin for his generosity and his commitment to helping WMU students succeed.”

Another scholarship recipient stated, “Scholarships have helped me receive the support I needed to graduate from college debt free. When I first started college, it seemed that it would never be possible for me. I did not have family support and took on the realization that if I was going to college, I would need to support myself the entire time. It wasn’t always easy. Throughout my entire academic journey, I have been working two part-time jobs while enrolled in school full-time. The scholarship support I have received has been a truly humbling experience. Due to the support of donors, my dreams have been revitalized, and I remain determined to complete my educational journey.”

Donations make a huge difference in the lives of our students and we are grateful for Mr. Goodwin’s donation. In the words of a scholarship recipient, “I just want to say thank you sincerely for giving me the chance to go to college as a first-generation college student. I feel like I’m finally fulfilling my potential here.”