Greetings from the Lee Honors College advisors!

We are here to support you with accessible and reliable service. On this page, find information about scheduling an honors advising appointment, who your honors advisor is, and expectations for honors advising. 

Honors Advising Appointments

Schedule your honors advising appointment based on your honors/WMU student status:

Current honors student: via goWMU Student Success Hub.

Current WMU student AND prospective honors student: via goWMU Student Success Hub.

Prospective WMU student/new WMU student pre-orientation: Future Honors Students.

Kerrie Harvey

Ms. Kerrie Harvey works with honors students in the College of Fine Arts (CFA), Exploratory Advising, WMUx and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

Ms. Harvey has been a Bronco for many years beginning with coming to WMU to complete her bachelor’s degree in Spanish with minors in psychology and French. She then completed her master’s degree in counseling in higher education. Having spent over 25 years serving as an advisor at WMU, she joined the honors college in 2020. Prior to that she worked in the College of Fine Arts, International Student and Scholar Services, Exploratory Advising, TRiO Student Success Program, Disability Services for Students, College of Arts and Sciences and the Alpha Program.

Ms. Harvey’s professional interests include transitioning to college, career development, academic difficulties, mental health, international students, study abroad, students with disabilities, LGBTQ, liberal education, transfer students, and diversity, inclusion and equity. Her personal interests include reading (especially mysteries and biographies), spending time up north with family, watching movies, volunteering in the Kalamazoo community, and enjoying the arts and natural preserves in the Southwest Michigan Area. She is also looking forward to resuming professional clowning as we move past the pandemic. Her favorite dinosaur in the dinosaur park is the parasaurolophus because of its unique head and ability to move around as both a quadruped and biped.

Katie Fox

Ms. Katie Fox works with honors students in the colleges of Aviation, Education and Human Development, Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Health and Human Services. Ms. Fox also works with current and new to WMU transfer students who are considering accepting the invitation to join the honors college.

Ms. Fox earned her B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University in 2008, an M.S. in college student personnel from Western Illinois University in 2010, and an M.A. in educational & instructional technology from WMU in 2022. As a staff member at Western Michigan University since 2010, she has held roles in academic and student affairs, joining the Lee Honors College in 2017. An active member and graduate of Northern Illinois' honors program, Ms. Fox appreciates honors education for the smaller class sizes, connections with faculty, and customized support - all of which are offered through the LHC.

Ms. Fox’s academic interests include time management, training and development, and technology. Having recently finished her second master’s degree in educational and instructional technology at WMU, she has applied instructional design practices to advising initiatives in the honors college. On a personal level, Ms. Fox loves spending time with her family and friends, reading novels, and adventuring outdoors. Her favorite dinosaur in WMU’s Dino Park is the triceratops because she loved the character Cera from the movie The Land Before Time.

Anthony Helms

Mr. Anthony Helms works with honors students in the Haworth College of Business and supports students with Honors Thesis Advising. 

Mr. Helms is the assistant dean and director of advising for the Lee Honors College. He earned his A.A. degree in criminal justice from Spartanburg Methodist College in 2002 and his B.A. and M.A. in anthropology from WMU in 2007 and 2014. As a WMU undergraduate student, he worked in the Writing Center and Academic Skills Center on campus and in graduate school he worked as a teaching assistant and served as president for the Teaching Assistant’s Union. He began his advising career in 2010 with the College of Education and Human Development before joining the honors college in 2013.

Mr. Helms’ academic interests include basically anything remotely connected to the social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, primatology, gender, race and ethnicity, and religious studies. Away from campus, Mr. Helms enjoys nature, sports, and family time with his wife, two sons, and two dogs.

Mr. Helms' favorite dinosaur in WMU’s Dino Park are the Utahraptors. According to Mr. Helms, “Raptors, just like us in the honors college, are all about community. While theirs is focused on wreaking bloodthirsty carnage on the world, ours is committed to supporting some of WMU’s most driven students to achieve their goals and graduate prepared to make an impact in their field and on the world. So, we are a lot alike.” 

Honors students should schedule and attend an advising appointment with their honors advisor at least once per year.

You may schedule an appointment with your honors advisor or contact them via email at the links above, using ONLY your email address when scheduling. Please reserve email for very specific questions. We would prefer to meet with you.

(NOTE: First-year honors students should complete Mandatory First-Year Advising (MFA) prior to scheduling appointments.)

Prior to your advising appointment, please review the following: