The Lee Honors College is home to more than 1,900 high-achieving students who are completing programs of study in every one of WMU’s seven academic colleges. You may join the honors college as a new or continuing undergraduate student at Western Michigan University.

College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

The Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University (WMU) was founded in 1962. The honors college now serves more than 1,700 undergraduate students and for the first time in college history will implement and begin to measure college-wide student learning outcomes during the 2018-19 academic year. The information below outlines proposed student learning outcomes as well as the plan to measure them to ensure continuous improvement of student success led by data-driven decisions.

Honors students will be able to:

The honors college will measure these outcomes by:

Learning Activities
The honors college will support honors students achieving these outcomes via:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of a topic within their chosen discipline and address a meaningful idea, problem, or question in an innovative way, resulting in a tangible, shareable product.

  • Honors thesis (rubric items 1 and 2)

  • Post-graduation survey (one and three years out)

  • HNRS 4980 and 4990

  • Thesis workshops

  • Mentor pairing

  • Lyceum Lecture Series

  • Study in the States Program

Build a sustained commitment to civic engagement and serving others.

  • Volunteer log submission survey (How did this experience impact you?)

  • Post-graduation survey (one and three years out)

  • Mix It Up programming

  • Community service requirement

  • Study in the States program

  • Service-learning coursework

  • Lyceum Lecture Series

  • Metropolitan Series

  • Peer mentoring

Develop aptitudes to objectively analyze complex issues and propose inventive solutions or perspectives.

  • Honors thesis (rubric item 3)
  • HNRS coursework
  • Study in the States program
  • Mix It Up programming
  • Lyceum Lecture Series


The Lee Honors College offers:

  • Honors Courses: A wide variety of honors courses, typically capped at 20–25 students. Honors courses may fulfill general education and/or requirements for specific programs of study.
  • Study in the States: Special programs, like our Study in the States courses, open only to honors students.
  • The Lee Honors College Building: Our LEED Silver Certified facility includes a full kitchen and lounge for students to relax, socialize and study. Centrally located on main campus, the honors college building is also home to our honors advising offices, a small library, three classrooms and a seminar room.
  • Mix It Up Thursdays: Every Thursday evening we offer a series of professional development workshops and social activities in the honors college lounge.
  • Peer Student Success Team: Mentors provide academic and social support to incoming honors students. They also organize group volunteer activities and host advising hours in the seminar room.
  • Honors Housing: Optional honors housing with extended quiet hours for studying during the week. Honors students may choose to live in Eldridge/Fox, the honors residence hall.
  • Alpha Lambda Delta: The honors college houses the WMU chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, an honors society that celebrates excellence among first-year students.
  • Scholarships: to pursue study abroad, research and creative activities or to travel to national and international venues to present original scholarly and creative work.
  • Honors Thesis: Each honors student works with one of our nationally- and internationally-known expert faculty on an original piece of research or a creative activity.