Complaint and Feedback Procedures

Do you have concerns?

The Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University encourages direct dialogue about areas of concern or disagreement and welcomes both positive and constructive feedback in our continuous efforts at improvement. Below are specific instructions on how you can communicate suggestions and concerns as well as resolve complaints.

Any interested party may schedule a meeting with any member of our staff to discuss concerns by calling the reception desk during regular business hours: (269) 387-3230. You may also send an email or deliver a written statement. In general, complaints in various areas are handled by the following staff members as an initial point of contact:

Suggestion box

The Lee Honors College also maintains and regularly checks the suggestion box located in the lobby outside the lounge. You can submit suggestions, complaints and concerns on the cards provided, or on your own paper. While this process allows for anonymity, we encourage you to identify yourself to enable a full and effective response.

Further action

If you are not satisfied by the response from a staff member, please take your concerns to Interim Dean Lopez. If, after contacting the dean, you are still dissatisfied, we recommend that you contact the Office of the Ombudsman, which will further guide the complaint process.