• A student enjoys time with a therapy dog.
  • Students enjoying pizza in the lounge.
  • A student with Buster Bronco showing off her thesis poster.

Sponsored Events

The Lee Honors College offers many cultural and social events designed to build community and expand horizons.

Honors students are required to attend four honors college sponsored events in their freshman year and two in their sophomore year. Honors students who joined as transfers or continuing WMU students are required to attend two honors college sponsored events in their first year in the college. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in as many events as possible to enhance their educational experience.

Students receive credit for attending events by swiping their Bronco ID cards with a member of the honors college staff (in-person events) or providing full name and WIN as prompted (virtual events). Attendance credit is only awarded if a student stays for the duration of the event.

For questions about events, please contact honors college advisor, Katie Fox.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Lee Honors College at (269) 387-3230.

To find upcoming LHC-sponsored events, follow these steps:
1.    Go to ExperienceWMU directly or by clicking the ExperienceWMU icon in the upper-right corner of your GoWMU homepage.
2.    If prompted, sign-in to ExperienceWMU with your BroncoNet ID and password.
3.    On your "Home" page of ExperienceWMU, scroll to the "Memberships" section.
4.    Select the organization “Lee Honors College” and on its information page, scroll to the section “All Events.”
5.    Click on an honors college event to learn more and to follow the event-specific instructions to attend.

Completed LHC events are tracked in your Lee Honors College (LHC) Pathway in ExperienceWMU. To access your LHC Pathway, log into ExperienceWMU (steps 1-2 above) and then proceed with the steps below:
1.    On your ExperienceWMU homepage, click your profile icon/photo in the upper-right corner.
2.    In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Paths.”
3.    In drop-down menu below “My Paths”, select “Lee Honors College.”

Notes about your LHC Pathway:
•    Completed LHC-sponsored events from academic year 2020-21 and prior have been completed in your LHC Pathway with generic events.  
•    Volunteer hours are also tracked in ExperienceWMU. Visit the LHC Community Service page for more information about the honors college community service requirement.
•    Please contact honors college advisor Katie Fox if you have questions or concerns about tracking of your previously completed LHC-sponsored events or LHC community service hours.