Community Service

  • Male and female honors college students holding apples at Loaves and Fishes.
  • Four honors students standing in an office holding backpacks and handmade cards for elementary school students.
  • A group of honors college students holding a Cinderella Project sign in front of a blue wall.
  • Honors college student volunteers standing in front of a Bronson Children's Hospital banner at a volunteer event.
  • A group of honors college students holding vegetables standing in front of Gibbs House at a volunteer event.



Due to COVID-19 and restrictions still in place at the time of this update, we are not requiring volunteer hour completion for the 2020-2021 academic year. We applaud any and all efforts being made to aid your communities virtually and while social distancing during this time. Please continue to stay safe and follow appropriate guidelines. Please contact the honors college advising staff with any questions you may have.

There is a brand new online volunteer time log. Please submit all of your hours using this log and discard any paper copies you may have previously downloaded or printed. Thank you!

 Two women and one man seated at a table.  Medallion Scholars seated and standing at an awards banquet.
Honors students win the college categories at Kalamazoo's 2017 STAR Awards. Congratulations, Madelyn Aittama for achieving Outstanding College Volunteer and the 2013 Medallions Scholars on winning Outstanding College Volunteer Group!

Lee Honors College Volunteer Guidelines

If you have joined the honors college prior to Fall 2018 and have a pre-approved volunteer event, check in to make sure that your volunteer opportunity is still approved under the new guidelines. All students must use the online form. We will not accept paper forms without a valid reason that must be approved by one of the advising staff.

Volunteer hours are non-compensated hours spent in ways that directly benefit: populations experiencing hardship, poverty, discrimination, abuse, poor health, old age, or other limitations; community betterment through engagement, labor or other initiatives; work that serves animals, the environment or other efforts focused on sustainability; pre-professional volunteer work with non-profit organizations; or assisting students with academic difficulties.

Generally accepted volunteer activities:

  • Coordination of fundraising activities for nonprofit organizations and services performed for day care centers, retirement homes, animal hospitals, or nature parks.
  • Coaching or training youth in sports or instruments.
  • Work performed for no financial compensation at summer camps or on long-distance service projects. (See limitations below.)
  • Involvement in the service projects of for-profit businesses that address a community service or need.
  • Projects carried out through registered student organizations may count. (See limitations below.)
  • Volunteer requirements completed for another campus entity, such as a club or an athletic team, or as a service learning component to a course may also count.
  • Volunteer work completed through hospitals, clinicals, or other organizations may count. (See limitations below.)

Limitations on service hours:

  • Any activity for which a student receives financial compensation will not be counted as community service.
  • Services rendered directly to a for-profit organization. Any substantial volunteer work of this kind should be pursued as an internship.
  • Internships, clinicals, practicums, or field experience work in hospitals, clinics, or similar organizations.
  • Work done solely to promote a particular religious or political point of view such as proselytizing or campaigning for a party candidate. All religious-based activities must be in service to one of the populations outlined above order to receive credit.
  • Volunteers may receive a maximum of 8 hours of credit for any 24-hour period of service. Time for travel to and from a service site or time sleeping overnight at a service site does not earn volunteer hours.
  • Participation in self-improvement workshops, clinics, conferences, or conventions will count for community service hours only if workshops, clinics, etc. have a specific service component.
  • Rehearsal or other practice (dance, theater, and music) will not count as service hours. Performances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and require prior approval from the advising staff.
  • Babysitting or petsitting for free for private individuals.
  • Activity serving the interests of an individual or student organization or athletic team, or participation in most extracurricular activities (e.g., a theatrical production, holding office in student government).
  • In general, events such as Bronco Bash or other time spent tabling for a specific organization.
  • Leadership positions, even in non-profit organizations.
  • Meeting attendance does not count as service, even in cases where the meeting is centered around planning a service project. In those cases, only the service project event itself will count.
  • Volunteering at the student's high school alma mater will only count as service insofar as it relates to coaching or training. Any speaking opportunities or other forms of assistance will not count.

All volunteer hours, both within and outside of the Kalamazoo area, must follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Failure to do so will result in hours being rejected upon submission. Any volunteer hours that appear to be falsified or plagiarized will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct.

Please verify before submitting. Any questions or concerns about events should be directed to advising staff via email before submission.

Looking for opportunities?

The Lee Honors College Peer Student Success Team organizes several community service opportunities each semester. Please check the newsletter sent to your WMU email address each week for specific updates, as well as the honors college Facebook group, Facebook page and Twitter. For other ideas, please see our Volunteer Opportunities suggestion page.