Trail on Kleinstuck Preserve

Kleinstuck Preserve Trail

Trail maps

  • Kleinstuck Preserve Management Zones: Western Michigan University Natural Areas and Preserves Program, in cooperation with the Steward of Kleinstuck developed a ecological management plan that outlines priorities with regard to invasive species, native plants, trails and other natural and cultural features of the preserve. This document helps guide staff and volunteers in appropriate management activities within the preserve and provides continuity from year to year.

  • Small Contour: The topographic contour map of Kleinstuck Preserve shows the unique features of this former kettle bog. The main ring trail runs around the lower elevation of the bowl just above ordinary high water mark in the marsh. All trails leading into the preserve (except for the Hudson street entrance) descend up to 50 feet from the surrounding landscape.
  • Kleinstuck Preserve Trail Map: The current trail map shows points of entry from public and private access points surrounding the Preserve. Currently the only deeded access that WMU maintains is the entrance off of Stearn Street. Presently there are no Americans with Disabilities Act accessible entrances to the preserve, however, unpaved trails off of Hudson street and the YMCA parking lot are of minor grade.
  • Kleinstuck Preserve Final Map
  • Vegetation Overlay Map