Kleinstuck in the News

Kleinstuck Preserve in the early 20th century

In an effort to protect the Kleinstuck Preserve, Western Michigan University has committed to also protecting the history of the preserve. An important aspect of that is maintaining a record of all newspaper articles relating to the preserve. These articles show the evolution and history of the property.

Kleinstuck Preserve news articles

Dec 15, 1916. Pay Tribute to C.G. Kleinstuck.

Dec 17, 1922. Gives 50-acre Tract to Help Local Schools.

May 11, 1924. To Map 50-acre Botanical Reserve.

Oct 10, 1943. Thousands of Crows Arrive Here Soon at Kleinstuck Bird Reserve.

May 23, 1948. Improve Kleinstuck Preserve.

Dec 1, 1949. 'M' Dinner Tonight Honors Late Mrs. C.H. Kleinstuck.

May 14, 1950. Students Begin Cleanup, Replanting at Preserve.

Feb 24, 1952. Kleinstuck Preserve Visited by Hundreds of Nature Lovers Yearly.

March 24, 1963. Kleinstuck Preserve: A Forgotten Wilderness. Small Group Has Hopes to Restore Once Bustling Showcase of Nature.

June 6, 1963. Picture—Project Kleinstuck.

April 24, 1964. Good Deed for Arbor Day.

Oct 11, 1964. Kleinstuck Preserve Biologist's Project.

May 4, 1965. People Talk, Commission Listens.

May 18, 1965. Kleinstuck Water Problems Said Not Fault of City.

Oct 29, 1965. YMCA Given Land for New Facility.

Nov 16, 1968. WMU to Ask State for Kleinstuck Deed.

Dec 9, 1975. Zoning Near Kleinstuck Preserve Unresolved.

Sept 04, 1978. Planners to Face Controversial Dwelling Plans.

March 13, 1979. Kleinstuck Area Rezoning Bid Fails.

July 4, 1986. Water Level Fall in Kleinstuck Poses Mystery.

July 11, 1986. WMU Geologist Says Plug Pulled on Kleinstuck.

June 15, 1988. Last Holder of Kleinstuck Name Dies Here.

April 30, 1989. City Preserve is Top Oasis for Birds.

May 30, 1989. Pumping Tied to Water's Rise and Fall at Kleinstuck.

June 6, 1993. Within the City Oasis of Nature, Respite for Soul.

May 21, 1997. Pumping Drops Water Level in Kleinstuck Marsh.

Oct 16, 1997. On the Trail: Kalamazoo School.

June 19, 2003. Rezoning for Dental Office Near Kleinstuck Preserve is Disputed.

Dec 23, 2004. WMU Prof Wins $471,000 Grant to Study Wetlands.

Feb 4, 2008. Environmental Activism Begins at Home: Stewards of Kleinstuck Volunteer to Preserve Kalamazoo Natural Area.

April 20, 2008. From Invasive to the Table: Volunteers Observe Earth Day by Helping to Restore Ecosystems in Kalamazoo.

April 21, 2008. Volunteers Help Take Care of the Earth by Pulling Garlic Mustard.

May 3, 2008. A Neighborhoods Project: Volunteer Group Taking Back Kalamazoo Preserve.

July 6, 2009. Youth Summer-Jobs Program Still Seeks Applicants in Kalamazoo.

Oct 3, 2009. Stewards of Kleinstuck.

Nov 14, 2009. Invasive-Plant Weeders Merit Michigan Plaque.

Sept 27, 2010. Taking Care of Mother Nature: Stewards of Kleinstuck Fighting Invasive Species.

Jan 31, 2011. Community Group to Hold Winter Walk Through Western Michigan University's 48-acre Kleinstuck Preserve.

June 1, 2013. Stewards of Kleinstuck Reports 'The News is Mostly Good' on After-Effects of Sewer Break Near Nature Preserve.