Student Organizations

Western Michigan University Department of Management majors belong to numerous organizations across campus. The following organizations are associated with these majors in particular; many other business-related student organizations are active among the students in the Haworth College of Business. 

Business influencers association

  • Photo of business bashFaculty advisor: Dr. David Flanagan | Email Dr. Flanagan
  • Open to all management majors and minors, and students interested in management careers.
  • Benefits:
    • Resume critiquing
    • Talented and notable guest speakers
    • New friends in fun social environments
    • Networking opportunities with other management majors, staff and key businesses

Intercultural Business Student association

  •  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Harrison l Email Dr. Harrison
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christine Robinson l Email Dr. Robinson
  • Benefits:
    • Promote a diverse and inclusive culture
    • Explore opportunities for professional development, community engagement and mentoring

Society for Excellence in Human Resources

sunseeker solar car project

  • Get more information on the Sunseeker project.
  • Benefits:
    • Build and race solar-powered vehicles
    • Work on a team managed and run by students
    • Engage with a diverse RSO with students specializing in engineering, operations and business