Photo of Renuka Phillips
Director of Graduate Programs and the Global Business Center
(269) 387-5086
Photo of Michelle Bouma
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-5133
Photo of Onur Arugaslan
Professor of Finance
(269) 387-6159
Photo of Bhanu Balasubramnian
Assistant Professor of Finance
(269) 387-5728
Photo of Jennifer Bott
Professor of Management
(269) 387-5749
Photo of Cari Burke-Kolehmainen
Assistant Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5674
Photo of David Burnie
Professor of Finance
(269) 387-5986
Photo of Kuanchin (KC) Chen
Director of the Center for Business Analytics, John W. Snyder Faculty Fellow
(269) 387-5795
Photo of Mohammad Daneshvar Kakhki
Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5397
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5799
Photo of Beth Ernst
Director of the Communication Center
(269) 387-5262
Photo of Mingming Feng
Associate Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-6101
Photo of David Flanagan
Valluzzo Faculty Fellow
(269) 387-6051
Photo of Donald Gribbin
Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5751
Photo of Decker Hains
Chair and Master Faculty Specialist of Management
(269) 387-5802
Photo of Norman Hawker
Professor of Finance and Commercial Law
(269) 387-6118
Photo of Tom Kelly
Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management
(269) 387-4143
Photo of Jerry Kreuze
David Rozelle Distinguished Faculty Fellow
(269) 387-5266
Photo of Wenling Lu
Associate Professor of Finance
(269) 387-6107
Photo of Ali Metwalli
Professor of Finance
(616) 772-5031
Photo of Reza Mousavi
Associate Professor of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5405
Photo of Steve Newell
Associate Dean of Operations and Graduate Programs and Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5067
Photo of Kelley O'Reilly
Chair and Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6133
Photo of Timothy Palmer
Director of the Center for Sustainable Business Practices
(269) 387-5242
Photo of James Penner
Chair and Associate Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5209
Photo of Muhammad Razi
Chair and Professor of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5524
Photo of Alan Rea
Professor of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-1444
Photo of Matt Ross
Associate Professor of Finance
(269) 387-5952
Photo of Jagjit Saini
Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-5472
Associate Professor of Accountancy
(269) 387-6064
Photo of Utkarsh Shrivastava
Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5406
Photo of Bret Wagner
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5222
Photo of Marcel Zondag
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5998
Photo of Russell Zwanka
Associate Professor of Marketing