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The Western Michigan University MBA program's flexibility allows customization of studies to suit your goals. The program may be completed in two years, although students with prior business education may accelerate through the program in less time. Students with full-time employment may take up to six years to complete the program, with most working professionals taking three to four years to complete the program. To get started,

  • Review the requirements for the degree.
  • Consult the tentative course schedules.

Advising hours are available each weekday and evening appointments are also available. Contact the MBA program office to schedule an appointment in Kalamazoo, or call (616) 771-4100 to schedule an appointment in either Grand Rapids location.

Questions to consider while planning your program schedule

  • How many classes do I need to complete for graduation? Speak with your advisor and see the MBA Program worksheet.
  • Do I need to complete any prerequisite classes?
  • Am I able to transfer any previous graduate-level classes?
  • Based on work and personal requirements, how many hours can I devote to my studies? Plan on nine study hours per week for each class in which you are enrolled.
  • What is my desired time frame for achieving MBA graduation?
  • Can I attend full time and complete in 12 to 18 months?
  • If I am working, should I commit to only one course per semester? Taking one course per semester is an option, typically you will complete the MBA in 3 to 4 years following this schedule.
  • Do I have any financial restrictions?
  • Do I need to maintain full-time status for financial aid eligibility? Full time within the WMU MBA program is two classes in the fall and spring semesters and one class during a summer session.
  • Does my employer provide tuition assistance? If yes, please see deferment program for employer paid tuition