Employer Deferred Payment Plan

Western Michigan University students who participate in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer, may also qualify for the employer deferred payment plan at Western Michigan University. If your employer bases their payment portion upon class completion and/or your final grade, and you would like to defer your payment until the end of the semester, please review our policy and application.

If approved, payment for the employer portion may be deferred until 30 days after the end of the semester. At that time, the deferred amount will automatically withdraw from your checking/saving account, or be charged to your credit/debit card, as determined by you upon enrollment into the plan. A convenience fee of 2.85% or $3, whichever is larger, is assessed on each credit/debit card transaction. Any amount not covered by your employer is due at the beginning of the semester.

A $50 non-refundable enrollment fee is required every semester that you apply and are eligible to, and enroll in the plan. A $25 returned check fee applies to all returned payments.

The University begins accepting applications three weeks before the start of each semester, until the third week of the semester. All paperwork must be dated within 30 days of the start of each semester.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to re-apply each semester for the Employer Deferred Payment Plan?

Yes, you have to apply and be approved each semester. The $50 payment plan fee is charged each semester you use the payment plan.

What if I have not received payment from my employer by the due date?

The student, not the employer, is responsible for timely payment of this loan. The loan is due in full 30 days after the end of the semester, regardless of employer reimbursement.

Once enrolled, can I be removed from the Employer Deferred Payment Plan?

In order to be removed from the payment plan, payment in full with certified funds would need to be received. If removed you may no longer be eligible to use the Employer deferred payment plan again.

What fees can be enrolled in the Employer Deferred Payment Plan?

Only tuition and fees (i.e., class fees and mandatory fees) will be enrolled in the payment plan.

What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds in the bank account for the deferred payment?

Any future classes may be dropped and you may become ineligible to use the employer deferred payment plan again. The balance may be sent to a third-party collection agency with collection fees added to the balance.

additional questions

Contact the Accounts Receivable Office at (269) 387-2948 or (269) 387-4141.