Deceased Students Financial and Accounting Procedures

1. When a Western Michigan University employee becomes aware of the death of a Western Michigan University student, the Vice President or Associate Vice President for Student Affairs shall be immediately notified.

2. Student Affairs will notify the President's Office and other units on campus (including Business Services for insurance purposes). Each unit will take responsive steps as required. Student Affairs shall also notify professors/instructors of the classes that the deceased student had been taking.

3. When applicable, Financial Aid will send letters and notifications as mandated by federal law and other requirements.

4. When applicable, Accounting Services will complete the Return to Title IV (Federal Financial Aid) forms in accordance with federal legal requirements.

5. Accounts Receivable will review the student’s account to determine if any credits need to be posted or any outstanding charges cleared. If a credit balance remains on the account, Accounts Receivable will schedule a meeting with appropriate Western Michigan University staff to determine if and to whom a refund check is owed and any other steps that need to be taken by the University. This will be determined on a case by case basis, also taking into account advice from the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel (Legal Affairs).

6. It is recognized that each student's case is unique, and that funds used to pay for the student's tuition may have come from any number of sources, that the student may have owed funds to Western Michigan University, and that other requirements may need to be taken into account in regard to the deceased student’s situation.

7. If a refund of tuition or any other funds is requested by a parent, relative, guardian, child, or any other individual, the unit receiving that request will inform the requestor that the request will be directed to Accounts Receivable for review and response in accordance with University procedures.

Approved by Associate Vice President for Business and Finance and Assistant Treasurer for the Board of Trustees Effective November2011.