Western Michigan University processes all refunds on a regular basis. Financial aid refunds are processed regularly after the financial aid is disbursed onto student accounts. Overpayments from non-financial aid sources will be processed after the drop/add period for the semester has passed.

WMU provides students with two options for receiving refunds from credit balances on accounts:

  1. Students may sign up for electronic refunds using the checking or savings account of the student’s choice. Sign up for electronic refunds is simple, convenient and secure. Electronic refunds are processed two to five times per week based on the time of the semester.
  2. Students who do not sign up for electronic refunds will have a check mailed to the permanent address on file at WMU. Please note, checks are only printed on a weekly basis and it could take two cycles to have your check generated.

Credit card overpayments

Students who have credit balances resulting from credit card payments will have the excess monies refunded back to the credit card after the drop/add period for the semester has ended.

Electronic refunds

Students may set up an electronic refund account using an existing bank account of their choice:

  1. Log in to your GoWMU account.
  2. Select Payment and Account Information
  3. Select Electronic Refunds.
  4. Select Set up Account.

Students may also change the bank account that is linked to their WMU refund at any time on this site as well. There are no preselected refund options for WMU students.

Parent plus refunds

Parent PLUS loans that create a credit on a student account can be refunded to the student or the parent.  The parent makes the selection on the loan application.  Refunds to the parent are mailed to the parent address on the loan application. If the parent indicates any refund of the parent PLUS loan should go to the student, the refund will either be issued as an electronic refund to the student, or if no refund account is set up by the student, mailed to the student’s local address.

Refund checks

Students who do not set up an electronic refund account will be notified of pending refunds via their email. This provides students with an opportunity to set up an electronic refund account. If the student does not set-up an electronic refund account, a check will be issued and mailed to the permanent address on file.

Where is my refund?

Please allow three to five business days for an electronic refund to be processed by your bank. Checks are printed at least once a week while classes are in session and will be mailed to the permanent address on file.

Credit balances from your check or electronic checks will not be processed for a refund for at least 20 business days. This allows time for your check to be reattempted and for the check payment to clear the bank.

Students making changes to their schedule after financial aid has posted or non-financial aid payments are made on accounts may have their refund delayed to ensure the schedules are complete.

Students dropping or withdrawing from courses will have their refunds delayed until financial aid has completed their review and all checks have cleared the bank.  Additional information on withdrawals and refunds is available on WMU Registrar’s page.

Students who did not receive a mailed refund check or who have lost their refund check should visit Bronco Express located in Room G09 of the Bernhard Center or call (269) 387-6000.


Please contact Bronco Express located in room G09 of the Bernhard Center or at (269) 387-6000 for additional information.