Dual enrollment student taking notes in class

Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit as a high school student!

Fast Facts

  • Personalized supports and wraparound services

  • Transferable credit for Michigan colleges and universities

  • Flexible and rigorous course loads and class options

About the program

About the program

Dual enrollment through Early College Programs at WMU provides eligible high school students with access to university courses and delivers new educational opportunities in cooperation with K-12 partners.

Dual enrollment allows high school students to earn credits that may be applied toward high school graduation requirements as well as a college or university program.

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Mission statement


Early College Programs Mission Statement

Extending Western Michigan University's motto, "So that all may learn," Early College Programs works to eliminate barriers to higher education, strengthen community relationships with K-12 and college partners, and implements early intervention strategies to prepare learners for post-secondary opportunities.



  • This program requires more commitment and effort, but I think that participating will open so many new opportunities for me. I really look forward to growing my skills and improving my speaking, writing, and reading.

    Miriam C., student

  • The WMU Chinese program is progressively getting more difficult which is a good challenge to have. I am looking forward to receiving a minor for college, but also expanding my Chinese vocabulary and knowledge.

    Lillian M., student

  • The Chinese program attracts me because this might be the first program that allows high school students to get a Chinese minor. I am also attracted by the students' and parents' commitment to learning a foreign language. This program could be a model for other high school programs across the nation. In four years, I hope all students can not only earn a Chinese minor, but also enjoy the happiness of learning a foreign language and increase their cross-cultural awareness.

    Li Xiang, professor