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Early College Program Partnerships

Early College Program Partnerships

WMU Early College Programs collaborates with local high schools to develop enriching academic experiences and eliminate barriers to higher education. Working together, we can create a customized dual enrollment program for your school or district aimed toward elevating your students’ success. 

The many benefits of contracting with WMU Early College Programs include:  

  • Increasing your students’ access to educational opportunities beyond what your school or district can provide 
  • Preparing your students for the challenges of post-secondary education 
  • Empowering students to begin building a foundation for their futures by earning college credit while still in high school 
  • Maximizing your use of per-pupil state funding 
  • Delivering logistical and program solutions to fit your students’ specific needs 

Getting Started

Getting started is simple! Do you prefer that your dual enrollment courses happen onsite at your location, or can students join online or in-person at a WMU campus? What subjects are your students most interested in? A foreign language? Something in the arts or humanities? STEM-related subjects? WMU offers it all—and more. 

You simply provide us with information about the types of offerings you want, including subjects and modalities, and we will propose solutions that best fit your specific needs. Complete our partnership contact form below and someone from our team will reach out to you to discuss the next steps! 


Dual enrollment opportunities exist across all WMU academic colleges, and together, we’ll identify which courses will benefit your students’ educational needs the most. Browse by college to explore the many types of courses that you could offer to your students:

College of Arts and Sciences
  • African American and African Studies
    • Introduction to African American and African Studies
  • Anthropology
    • Human Biocultural Diversity 
  • Communications
    • Public Speaking
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Human Communication Theory
  • Economics
    • Economics in Our Daily Lives
    • Principles of Microeconomics
    • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Geosciences
    • Planetary Geology
    • Dinosaurs!
    • Evolution of Life
    • Physical Geology
    • Ocean Systems
    • Geology of National Parks
  • History
    • Heroes & Villains in the Mid Ages
    • American History to 1877
    • American History since 1877
  • Philosophy
    • Critical Thinking
    • Introduction to Philosophy
    • Inquiry, Argument, and Debate
  • Spanish
    • Basic Spanish I / II
    • Intermediate Spanish I / II
    • Spanish Conversation
    • Spanish Composition
  • Statistics
    • Discovery with Data
College of Aviation
  • Aviation Sciences
    • Intro to Aviation
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems I
    • Intro to Airframes and Systems
    • Intro to Aircraft Powerplants
College of Education and Human Development
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences 
  • Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Intro to Engineering Design
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Product Design Fundamentals
    • Technical Communication
    • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
College of Fine Arts
College of Health and Human Services
Haworth College of Business
  • Business
    • Applying Business Fundamentals
    • Exploring Entrepreneurship
    • Intro to Business Communication

Current Partnerships

We currently partner with several high schools across West Michigan to provide unique educational opportunities for their students:

  • Forest Hills Northern High School - Chinese Immersion
  • Greenville High School - Chinese Immersion
  • Kalamazoo Christian - Spanish Immersion
  • Michigan Virtual Charter Academy 
  • West Ottawa High School - Spanish Immersion
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools - Integrated Design and Manufacturing


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