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It's okay to not know what to do when you run into an issue. The Navigator Network is here to help guide you through Western's resources and connect you with the help you need.


We're here for you

Western's Navigator Network is made up of professionals and students ready to provide individualized support across your academic and well-being needs. The group is focused on making it easier for you to access student support services, meet your needs and ask questions.

Need assistance?

If you're experiencing an issue as a student—don't wait! Our Navigator Network is here to help you achieve your academic and personal goals while supporting your well-being.

Meet the navigators

Peer Navigators

Our team of Peer Navigators are current students who reach out to fellow undergraduates to make sure they know about the many campus resources available to them, including those that support students' academic, physical, social and emotional well-being.

Student Success Navigators

Student Success Navigators are professional staff who make sure undergraduate students are registered for classes, check in on study habits, ensure they are making friends and taking care of their well-being, among other student support services.

Navigation Specialists

Navigation Specialists have specialized knowledge and skills to better help you at an individual level, no matter the issue you are experiencing. The network includes professionals from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Division of Student Affairs and Student Financial Aid.

What is Student Success Hub?

Student Success Hub is the online space to connect with your Student Success Team, which includes your navigators, academic advisors, career advisors and mentors from special programs and support services. You can connect with your team, make appointments, ask questions and find personalized plans (written by your Student Success Team) for your academic career and beyond.

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    Meeting with your undergraduate advisors early and regularly is essential to your academic success and preparing for your career.

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    We offer support, guidance and spaces to help you thrive physically, emotionally and socially.

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    This is one convenient location to ask questions about your financial aid, make a payment or learn about scholarships.

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    Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned Bronco, this is the place to find key resources for inside and outside the classroom.