"Value" - Leray Posey

Contact: Megan Looker
A woman wearing a face mask with flowers on the mask and surrounding her.


"I wanted to express my physical insecurities in an artistic and aesthetic way. By how my face is covered, I am demonstrating how I am trying to beautify my biggest insecurities without necessarily expressing that insecurity. The flowers represent a huge beauty factor, and the placement around my eyes and my cheeks expresses my main sources of insecurities on my face. I also wanted to express insecurities with my hair, but due to the mask covering my hair, I used flowers to represent that as well. Adding the pink retro aesthetic brings comfort to me as an artist. This was more of a personal experiment for myself to show how well my art could bring comfort to me and still be pleasing to an audience."

-Leray Posey, Kalamazoo, MI

This artwork is part of WMU News' online Pandemic Art gallery. To view other artists' work, visit the gallery.