"I Thought I Had More Ramen" - Jaylynn Mittig

Contact: Megan Looker
A skeleton looking for food inside a kitchen pantry.

"I Thought I Had More Ramen"

A skeleton laying on a run in a living room.

"Discovering Fun, New and Interesting Places"

"What inspired me for my "Memento Vitae" series was wanting to represent the reminder of death in a relatable way, which can also be taken as comedic. More often than not, a skeleton or skull is seen as dark and ominous. I thought it might bring viewers joy and a good laugh; we are all just skeletons trying to live. Quarantine allowed me to focus on the mundane activities and the series became even more relatable, because we are all trapped in our houses watching the clock tick. During these tough times, it is important to find humor and happiness in everyday activities. If a skeleton can enjoy life, there is nothing stopping us from doing the same."
-Jaylynn Mittig, Gibraltar, MI
This artwork is part of WMU News' online Pandemic Art gallery. To view other artists' work, visit the gallery.