"Eyelashes of the Forest" - Olivia Novak

Contact: Megan Looker
Trees in the forest.

"Eyelashes of the Forest"

A large boat on the water.

"Seafarers Above and Below"

"I believe that life itself is the ultimate artist, and I am the curator. Life creates new artwork every single day–in all shapes, colors, sizes and mediums. From the shadows of tree branches on a stop sign in the afternoon sun, to the music of mourning doves perched atop power lines or the vibrant array of changing colors that traverse the sky morning and night. By observing this world with open awareness, I have discovered an endless sea of inspiration. The art I choose to create is a reflection of something more wondrous than I could imagine myself, which is that all life is intricately connected. In my photographs, I am preserving the true nature of the subject and moment in a tangible form that gives it new meaning. By observing and evaluating nature, I am able to provide a means for the viewer to experience the places and sites I have traveled to, in an entirely different way."

-Olivia Novak, Kalamazoo, MI
This artwork is part of WMU News' online Pandemic Art gallery. To view other artists' work, visit the gallery.