"Abandoned" - Anna LeChard

Contact: Megan Looker
The inside of an empty church.


"It seems like we are living in a dystopian movie today. Streets are empty, grocery store shelves are empty, everywhere seems abandoned. What would it be like if people did not return? Would once populated buildings be left for ruin? In my image, I pictured an abandoned church. A building that is meant for large groups of people is now empty, deteriorating and forgotten. As I entered the church I had an eerie feeling. Everything in the church was in the exact place it should be, besides a thick layer of dust and spider webs over everything. It seemed like everyone got up and left, never to return. Nothing was put away or covered up. Looking at something abandoned makes me think of what it used to be. We still do not know how long our quarantine will last and who knows what things will look like once it is over."
-Anna LeChard
This artwork is part of WMU News' online Pandemic Art gallery. To view other artists' work, visit the gallery.