"Material Nature" - Sarah Wheaton

Contact: Megan Looker
Wooden decorative fish hanging from a tree outside.

"Material Nature"

"In taking a moment to look at my home, I was shocked to find how much faux-nature decorations filled the space. With all this time spent inside during the Covid-19 outbreak, it was interesting, and a bit disturbing, to realize that my indoor environment is so easily filled with objects made to mimic nature. It is one thing to design things after nature, but these objects are made of the very things they depict. After reflecting, I chose to take parts of my material nature outside and place them in areas they could have been found if they were real. This way, I could visually connect the lifelessness of objects to the vibrancy of nature. Nature can't be replaced, no matter how hard we try."
-Sarah Wheaton, Gobles, MI
This artwork is part of WMU News' online Pandemic Art gallery. To view other artists' work, visit the gallery.