Western students earn scholarships for verifying vaccination

Contact: Erin Flynn

Western students who verify their COVID-19 vaccination through Sindecuse Health Center are eligible for scholarships through the COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Program.

September scholarship winners include:

  • Megan Bair - $10,000
  • Sammy Filipich - $10,000
  • Henry Berryman - $2,500
  • Jandro Guevara - $2,500
  • Alexis Pettit - $2,500
  • Meghan Rohn - $2,500
  • Emlyn Verbrigghe - $2,500
  • Roderick Angoman - $1,000
  • Aaron Cappello - $1,000
  • Summer Chahin - $1,000
  • Evan Conlee - $1,000
  • Nick Gonsch - $1,000
  • Nizora Haitova - $1,000
  • LuChonna Richardson - $1,000
  • Montgomery Stheiner - $1,000
  • Skyler Whiting - $1,000
  • Georgia Zelinsky - $1,000
  • Carley Bullinger - $500
  • Carson Neff - $500
  • Brianna O'Dwyer - $500
  • Maria Rodriguez Flores - $500

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University is rewarding students for doing their part to keep the community safe by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. A second round of vaccination incentive scholarship winners has been announced.

"When I saw that I won $10,000, I did not believe it at first," says Sammy Filipich, a sophomore aerospace engineering student from Grand Ledge, Michigan. "The scholarship will help me pay for almost a whole semester of college, so it definitely takes a load off when thinking about financial aid for the coming years."

Any student who verifies their COVID-19 vaccination with Sindecuse Health Center is eligible for a monthly drawing for thousands of dollars in scholarships. In total, the University is awarding $110,000 in scholarships through December that range from $500 to $10,000. Drawings are on the sixth of each month.

"It was very easy to register my vaccination through Sindecuse; it was just a couple of clicks and then I was done," Filpich says.

A step-by-step guide to verifying vaccination status is available online, as well as other important information about the University's COVID-19 protocols.

"Getting vaccinated has made my day-to-day life at Western a lot easier due to the fact I do not have to get COVID-19 tested often or deal with the badging system (questionnaire)," Filipich says, grateful for the possibility of returning to "normal" college life after the pandemic robbed her of traditional experiences her first year.

"It also has made life a lot easier when meeting new people. There is a lot less worry of getting sick if I am vaccinated and most people around me also are," she says. "Other Broncos should get vaccinated because it will help us get back to the college life we all want to have."

The University encourages everyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine—which is safe and effective—in order to ensure the health of the campus community.  All unvaccinated students, faculty and staff are required to complete regular testing at the Fetzer Center. Find more information about testing and frequency on Western's COVID-19 webpage.

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